Moving Box Rental in Chicago

Our plastic moving boxes are delivered to your door in Chicago. After your move, we pick them up at your new location. There is no assembly or breakdown required. That’s it, Really!

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Moving Box Rental

  • Conveniently Delivered To You
  • Come Ready to be Packed
  • Cheaper than Cardboard Boxes
  • 2X Storage Capacity of Cardboard
  • Bottom Won’t Fall Out
  • Crush Proof and Water Proof
Packages start at $99

Moving Box Rental in 3 simple steps.

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We Deliver

Plastic moving crates are delivered by Redi-Box to your current location.

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You Move

Boxes are easy to pack, stack and move.  They save time and money for 3rd party movers.

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We Pickup

Plastic moving crates are picked up at your new destination by Redi-Box when you are done.

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Advantages of Plastic Moving Boxes

Save Time | Plastic moving boxes do not need any assembly or tape. They also nest and stack on top of each other for easy moving. We deliver to your door in Chicago so you can focus your time on moving.

Save Money | Rental moving boxes are cheaper than moving with cardboard boxes. No materials needed to assemble the boxes and no time wasted buying the materials.

Reduce Waste | Reusable moving boxes are reusable up to 400 times unlike cardboard boxes.

  • Save Time 90%
  • Save Money 50%
  • Reduce Waste 90%

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“My movers were happy to easy everything organized and ready to go.  I highly recommend Redi-BOX to everyone.”

Daynia S.

“Best kept moving secret! Soooo convenient – perfect size boxes – no put together, no break down, no garbage. Pick up and drop off convenient times… thank you! Made our move super easy!!”

Annabelle F.

“The best investment I made for the move. Call them and order extra boxes. You’ve likely got way more stuff than you think!”

David R.

Packages start at $99

Redi-Box currently delivers plastic moving boxes in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs.

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