Covid-19 FAQ’s

Are the boxes cleaned?

Yes! We fully clean each box.  We wipe all of the boxes down with disinfectant and water.

Do you quarantine your clean boxes?

Yes, Clean boxes are then isolated for 3 days (often much longer). Best science available states the virus can not live more than 3 days on surfaces.

How are the boxes delivered?

Our drivers will maintain an appropriate distance throughout delivery and pick up. We will bring the boxes and supplies to your door or into your home if needed.

Do I have to sign anything?

No, We won’t have any contact with you. You will count the boxes and verbally agree that the inventory has been delivered. The driver will record the inventory delivered.

How are the boxes picked up?

We ask you to put the boxes and supplies you are returning outside your door. We will not come into your home. If you need extra help please let us know prior to pick up.