Benefits Of Office Moving Crates

Over the years, office moving crates have taken the industry by storm for their amazing ability to store items in a protected box and allow them to move them from one location to another safely. Without a doubt, they have been growing in popularity over the years. Renting moving crates for your office is one of the most efficient methods of transporting items since they don’t require tape to seal them.

Rent Office Moving Crates

The items in your office are placed in the moving crates which are stacked on top of each other where they are then loaded onto a truck and moved to the new office. The office moving crates are great for moving your office supplies, equipment, records, etc. from one location to another.


Why you need to use office moving crates:

Convenient to use

These rental crates are designed to be identical to each other; hence, can be easily stacked on top of each other which saves on valuable floor space and cost of moving the crates as well. Moreover, they are strong enough to handle your heavy office records due to their commercial grade plastic construction.

Easy to use


Rentacrate vs Redi-Box Moving Crates

Are you thinking Rentacrate or Redi-Box? We have you covered.  We know that deciding on a moving crate rental provider can be a daunting decision! We’re here to lay out the facts, and assist you in your search for a rental moving crate service.

You’re already here looking at our site, so let’s start with a little information about Rentacrate



Rentacrate is a moving crate rental provider based in Waltham, MA.  They have multiple locations and the company was founded in 1991.


Redi-Box Moving Crates

Redi-Box is a locally owned and operated in Chicago, IL and was founded in 2010.


Rentacrate vs Redi-Box Comparison Chart