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Our plastic moving boxes are delivered to your door in Chicago. After your move, we pick the boxes up at your new location. There is no assembly or breakdown.

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1,000’s+ of satisfied customers in Chicago

“I was really dreading having to figure out where all my moving boxes were going to come from. Moving is such a pain anyway that it’s great to not have to worry about getting rid of a bunch of cardboard after the move. Plus they are sturdy and no tape needed!”
Brenda R.

Chicago, IL

“These guys are amazing, I’m so glad I found them! Their boxes are the perfect size – they are made of a hard plastic and are large enough to hold a decent amount of items but are not too big in size, so they are really manageable to move. This is an eco-friendly and highly recommended customer service.”
Richard M.

Chicago, IL

“Redi-Box is a lifesaver when it comes to moving! The boxes themselves are super sturdy, and you don’t have to worry about taping up boxes, just put your stuff into the box, close it up and stack it away for moving day.”
Benedict W.

Chicago, IL

Advantages of Plastic Moving Boxes

Moving Box Rental in 3 simple steps.

Chicago Moving Box Delivery Truck

We Deliver

Plastic moving crates are delivered to your current location in Chicago.
Redi-Box Moving Boxes Stacked

You Move

Boxes are easy to pack, stack and move.  They save time and money for 3rd party movers.
Moving Box Delivery Man

We Pickup

Plastic moving crates are picked up at your new destination in Chicago when you are done.

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Redi-Boxes Stacked at customer
Red Moving Boxes
Redi-Box Moving Boxes Delivered
Moving Boxes Stacked
Puppy in Box
Moving Boxes Labeled
Moving Boxes Nested
Small Stacks of Redi-Boxes

Cities We Serve


We offer next-day delivery to more than 200 suburbs in the Chicago Area.
Don’t see your city? Contact us!

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Packages start at $119

Redi-Box currently delivers plastic moving boxes in Chicago and surrounding areas.