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Moving can be a hugely stressful event. In addition to going to a new location, there is so much to think about! So many things to do, so many people to contact, so many items to be packed.

One thing that can massively simplify the process is making a list. Lists bring everything together in a simple, easy to follow process.

To save you time, we created the ultimate moving checklist for you. Each of the items below is a question you need to answer. Once you’ve answered the question, you can move on to the next one. We’ve arranged it by descending order, starting with the things you need to do 2 months prior to your move and ending 1 week after your move.

60 Days Prior To Move

  1. Have you gotten quotes from at least three moving companies?
  2. Will they come to your home and estimate so that your quote is accurate?
  3. Have you talked to family and friends to ensure that these companies are reliable?
  4. Have you read reviews of the companies online?
  5. Have you determined how much packing supplies you need? Do you have a specified spot to store all your packing materials so that you don’t need to hunt for them?
  6. Have you researched your new community to prepare you for the move?
  7. Do you know which schools are the best?
  8. Do you know what restaurants there are?
  9. Do you know what grocery stores are close to your new home?
  10. Do you have people to drive your cars to your new home?
  11. Have you had all your expensive items appraised so that they can be properly insured prior to your move?
  12. Is your move related to your job? If so, have you researched your company’s moving policy? Are any subsidies available for moving costs?
  13. Have you gotten rid of all unnecessary items either by a yard sale, recycling, or simple purge?
  14. Do you have a record of all the items in your household (your phone makes it easy to record a video or snap photos)?
  15. Have you transferred all your insurance policies to your new address (this includes your medical, property, auto and fire insurance)?
  16. Do you have a designated folder where all expenses related to the move can be recorded and stored (moving expenses are tax-deductible, which means you’ll want to keep all the records in a single location)?
  17. Have you notified old schools regarding your move?
  18. Have you transferred records to the new schools?
  19. Have you registered at new schools?
  20. Have you alerted all your doctors and dentists regarding here move?
  21. Do you have medical referrals for your new community?
  22. Have you obtained all necessary medical records that you’ll need in your new location?
  23. Have you transferred all necessary membership associations to your new community?
  24. Have you arranged for family members and pets to be transported to your new location?
  25. If flying, have you purchased tickets?
  26. Have you reserved hotel rooms (if necessary)?
  27.  Do you have referrals for veterinarians in your new community?

30 Days Before You Move

  1. Rent plastic moving boxes and supplies to make your move easier and quicker.
  2. Have you hired a mover yet?
  3. Have you confirmed all the necessary details with the mover?
  4. Have you begun any packing that you are personally responsible for?
  5. Have you disconnected your internet, cable, electric, and any other services?
  6. Have you arranged for these services at your new location?
  7. Have you started planning the layout of your new home, including where all items will be going?
  8. Have you created a complete inventory of all things that will be moved (this inventory will be compared against the inventory of the moving company)?
  9. Have you arranged for child care on the day of your move? If not, do you have a place for your children to be so that they will be out of the way of the movers?
  10. Do you have an unpacking plan for the movers (they will not rearrange furniture once they have unpacked it)?
  11. Have you obtained a change of address form from the Post Office?
  12. Have you alerted the following to your change of address: schools, banks, friends and family, doctors, insurance companies, cell phone companies, credit card companies, and magazine and newspaper subscriptions?
  13. If you need to switch banks, do you have referrals?
  14. Do you need to get a new driver’s license when you move?
  15. Do you need to complete an auto registration at your new location?
  16. If your move is international, have you updated your passport as necessary (this usually takes a minimum of 3 weeks so be sure to do this on time)?
  17. Have you alerted all service providers, such as landscapers and cleaning services, that you’re moving?
  18. Have you had final check-ups and dental visits prior to your move (this will greatly simplify things when you arrive in your new community since it can take a significant amount of time to find the right medical professionals)
  19. Do you have contact information for the friends of your children so they can keep in touch when they move?
  20. Is your car ready for the move?

14 Days Before You Move

  1. Have you cleaned all rooms that have already been packed?
  2. If packing yourself, have you ensured that nothing has been left behind in rooms?
  3. Have you prepared all your plants for the move?
  4. Have you made the necessary arrangements to have your new house cleaned  prior to your arrival (this will greatly simplify your arrival)?
  5. Have you found pharmacies in your new location that all prescriptions can be transferred to?
  6. Do you have enough medication to hold you over until all prescriptions have been transferred?
  7. Have you made copies of important documents such as your will, financial statements, and deeds?
  8.  Have you secured transportation for your pet?
  9.  Are all shots for your pets up to date?
  10. Have you packed valuable items, such as jewelry, separately so that it’s not lost and is protected?
  11. Have you returned all borrowed items, such as library books and videos, to their respective locations?

One Week Before You Move

  1. Pack your plastic moving boxes by room and label which room the boxes will be moved into.
  2. Have all items been labeled appropriately (fragile, do not load, load last, etc.)?
  3. Have you confirmed all details with your mover?
  4. Have you made special arrangements for large items such as a piano?
  5. Have you arranged for payment with the mover?
  6. Do you have the usual $25 per mover tip on hand?
  7. Have you confirmed all dates (closing date, move in date, etc.) with your real estate agent?
  8. Do you have a backup plan if the movers are running behind?
  9. Have you properly stored your computer and other sensitive electronic items to protect them against extreme elements?
  10. Have you disposed of toxic substances such as paint, oil, weed killers, and fuel?
  11. Have you drained fuel out of lawn maintenance equipment?
  12. Have you discarded all propane from grills?
  13. Have you opened a new bank account in your new location?
  14. Have you updated all address information with your current bank?
  15. Have you gathered all house keys, alarm codes, and garage door openers so that they can be given to your new owner or real estate agent?
  16. Have you prepared your children for the move?
  17. Have you emptied all the lockers school, work, and the gym?
  18. Have you prepared simple meals that will be easy to prepare when you move and arrive?
  19. Do you have food ready for the drive or flight?
  20. If you will be eating on the road, do you know where you want to eat?

On Moving Day

  1. Have you put together a moving date kit with all the items you’ll need when you arrive at your new home (the kit should include toilet paper, snacks, bottled water, toiletries, dishes, and necessary clothes).
  2.  Do you the necessary items if the movers are late or running behind?
  3. Have you prepared all the necessary information for the movers, such as phone numbers, the address of your new location, and any necessary directions?
  4. Have you sign the inventory list prepared by the movers?
  5. Do you have the contact information of the moving company?
  6. Have you prepared a layout for the movers to follow in your new home?
  7. Have you prepared your new home as much as possible to prevent damage by the movers?
  8. Have you cleaned your old home as much as necessary?
  9. Have you packed food and litter for your pets?
  10. Do you have cash on hand?
  11. Are all your utilities hooked up at your new location?
  12. Have you done a walkthrough at your new location with your realtor?
  13. Have you emptied and defrosted your refrigerator and freezer?
  14. Have you notified local police that your house could be unoccupied for a significant amount of time?
  15. Have you discarded all trash properly?

One Week After You Move

  1. Unpack your moving boxes by room and confirm pick up date of your moving boxes with your plastic moving box company
  2. Did you get your moving deposits back?
  3. Do you have fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in your new home?
  4. Are there any quick repairs that need to be done before a room is filled with items?
  5. Have you started to get acquainted with your new location?
  6. Have you replaced all the locks on your new home if you feel it is necessary?
  7. Have you gotten all necessary licenses for your pets?
  8. Have you updated all necessary addresses such as voter registration, driver’s license, tax forms, and your bank account?