Moving Crate Rental – Office

Crate Rental is perfect for:

Office Moves

Moving from one location to the another

Office Renovation

Remodeling all or a section of your office

Internal Relocation

Moving employees around internally

Moving Crate Pricing

If you need a custom moving crate rental package for your office move, please email us at or call 224-366-7334

Need to rent less than 75 moving boxes? see our smaller moving box packages

Moving Crates Benefits

Reduce manpower

  • Moving crates do not need to be assembled
  • Increased speed in packing & stacking
  • Fewer truckloads with our modular moving crates
  • Employees can spend more time working and less time moving
  • No costs of disposing hundreds of cardboard boxes
  • Delivery & Pickup on your schedule with 24hrs notice

Better protection

  • Plastic moving crates are more durable and won’t get crushed, ripped torn apart, or wet
  • Use security tags to insure the crates are not tampered with during the move

Easier Moving

  • Moving crates with our dollies reduces heavy lifting and workers comp issues.
  • Dollies roll the crates easily without much effort
  • Stack moving crates 4 high per dolly for safe moving

Go Green

  • Reusable plastic crates get up to 400 uses
  • Less carbon to the environment compared to single use cardboard box
  • Made from 100% recyclable plastic
  • Plastic moving crates are recycled after life cycle

Some of our satisfied customers

What to look for when you rent crates


✔ Local Owned Chicago Moving Crate Company
✔ Free Delivery
✔ Free Pickup
✔ Heavy Duty Plastic Crates
✔ Large Standardized Crate Size 27x17x12
✔ Plastic Crate Has Option for Hanging File Rails
✔ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
✔ Excellent Customer Support via Phone, Email, Web Chat
✔ 5* Rated Company on Yelp, Google, etc