Movers have received a bad wrap over the years, and sometimes that is rightfully so.  However, that has been changing over the years.  With the increase in information and social sites: Facebook, yelp, angieslist, twitter, etc., it has been much more difficult for the crappy moving companies to stick around.  The information age and the social media sites ultimately make the cream rise to the top.


You do not want these movers showing up on moving day!

Bad Movers Chicago



However, even with all of the information out on the web, there sometimes can be too much noise.  That is why we have done the homework for you and put together a list of the 5 best movers in Chicago.  These movers have been proven to be trustworthy and know how to move with our rental moving boxes very efficiently.

Top 5 Movers in Chicago

  • New City Moving 800-733-6644
    “After working for years in the moving industry, Brian Slater decided it was time customers were offered something better than impersonal service, broken furniture, and final costs far over estimates. In 2009, he took everything that was wrong with the moving industry and turned it right side up. The result became New City Moving, a company committed to service representatives and movers who are not only the best in the field, but treat every customer with the same care they would give their own grandmother.”


  • Movetastic 773-715-3227
    “Move-tastic! is more than a company; it is a phenomenon, a community. Dare we say: a movement. The brainchild of two ambitious triathletes who sought to earn non-brand-specific-electrolyte-beverage money while maintaining an intensive training regimen, Move-tastic! represents the pinnacle in positive moving experiences. We truly believe (because we know) that moving can be a fun, fulfilling experience. And it is precisely that kind of experience we strive to provide each and every time we are given the opportunity.”


  • Coffey Bros. Moving 773-628-7798
    “Coffey Bros. Moving is an affordable and reliable moving company specializing in both residential moving and commercial moving. We offer a variety of services including full or partial packing and moving services, labor to load and/or unload your truck or move furniture within your home, furniture delivery services, or any odd job. We are a local Chicago moving company located in the heart of Chicago, and service the entire state of Illinois. Our movers are professionally trained and experienced movers and packers. We provide free estimates, services 7 days a week, affordable pricing, and the best customer service in the city! Some might say that we are the best movers in the business!”


  • Moovers Chicago 773-474-2691
    “Moovers Chicago Inc is a professional moving company located in Chicago that offers residential and commercial services throughout Illinois. Our movers are trained and tested before they become part of our staff. We specialize in 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments from buildings with and without elevators. We try to make your move as easy and stress free as possible by offering the following”


  • Bernard Movers 773-883-0780
    “Since 1972, Bernard Movers has offered affordable moving services to our customers, providing personalized service that makes our customers feel more like family than amere client. That’s how we’d want to be treated, and that’s how we treat you – we live by the golden rule, and it’s served us well over the years.”



No matter what mover you use, your move will be very smooth and organized when you use one of these movers and our moving boxes.