Move Furniture Chicago


When moving to a new neighborhood in Chicago, it’s always a hassle to move furniture. They’re big, heavy, and take up a lot of space inside the house. Some of them don’t even fit in the door—so how do you deal with large, heavy furniture?

Like they say, it’s easier to put furniture inside the house than taking them out. We know you’d like to move them to your new home without breaking them. That’s why we’ve written this article!

Here are some tips on how to prepare your furniture for the move!

1. Be Prepared

Moving furniture is the most difficult part when it comes to moving. Don’t go and pack up all your furniture in boxes and cover them with blankets or cardboard cushions. It’ll increase the risk of damaging or breaking them during the move. Drop by the local hardware store and grab some packing tape, bubble wrap, sofa covers and plastic bags.

These things can help protect your stuff while you stow them away inside the moving truck. A few bucks to spend for preparation is always good rather than spending hundreds of dollars replacing damaged furniture due to the move.

2. Ask People in Chicago for Moving Help

Have your local friends and family in Chicago to help you when moving furniture to your new home. Dressers and sofas will require extra hands unless you wish to break your bones in the process.

If relatives and friends are not available, you can use Chicago movers to help you with your move. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable in cases where you have no assistant but it is still important to have helping hands ready to help you on your move.

3. Take Them Apart

If the furniture can be disassembled, disassemble them. Prepare the furniture’s manual so that you can easily reassemble them into your new home. If you can’t find its manual, be sure to take a photo of it assembled before taking them apart so that you’ll have a reference when it’s time to put them back together again.

Disassembled furniture makes it easier to transport from one place to another. It also prevents scrapes, damages, and loss of tiny parts while on the move.

4. Securely Wrap Your Furniture

For furniture that can’t be disassembled, wrap them with bubble wrap or plastic covers. Use bubble wrap to protect fragile furniture such as glass tables and mirrors. For upholstery things such as the sofa and cushions, use plastic sofa covers to protect them from dust and damages.

If you are short on budget, old blankets can be a substitute for bubble wraps and sofa covers. They’ll provide some sort of cushion in case the moving truck goes through a bumpy road, preventing breakage along the way.

5. Place All the Heavy Furniture First Inside the Truck

Make sure to arrange them neatly inside the truck. You wouldn’t want something to topple over or shatter while traveling to your new home, right? While loading heavy furniture first, it gives some sort of cushion to your other things that you can place on top of them. Saves on a lot of space, right?

6. Label Boxes That Contain Fragile Furniture

Be very attentive in dismantling your furniture and packing them in boxes. Label those boxes fragile if its contents are breakable and would require a delicate mode of transportation. Inform the movers if there are boxes with fragile contents loaded in the truck so that they’d be mindful of it during the transport.

Use these tips to safely move furniture to your new home. Trust us, you won’t want expensive furniture damaged—or worse broken. So, it’s better safe than sorry.