Over the years, office moving crates have taken the industry by storm for their amazing ability to store items in a protected box and allow them to move them from one location to another safely. Without a doubt, they have been growing in popularity over the years. Renting moving crates for your office is one of the most efficient methods of transporting items since they don’t require tape to seal them.

Rent Office Moving Crates

The items in your office are placed in the moving crates which are stacked on top of each other where they are then loaded onto a truck and moved to the new office. The office moving crates are great for moving your office supplies, equipment, records, etc. from one location to another.


Why you need to use office moving crates:

Convenient to use

These rental crates are designed to be identical to each other; hence, can be easily stacked on top of each other which saves on valuable floor space and cost of moving the crates as well. Moreover, they are strong enough to handle your heavy office records due to their commercial grade plastic construction.

Easy to use

They are lightweight, durable, and have comfortable handles making it easy for them to be handled by your employee. They also pop open easily when needed.

Good protection

Plastic moving crates for your office are crush proof and this enables the protection of fragile and delicate items which need to be handled with care. So, you don’t have to fret over the breakage of your fragile office items.

Reduces waste

Plastic crates reduce waste since they are durable and can be re-used since they are rented. This makes them more popular than other varieties as a means of moving office items which reduces the need for less durable cardboard boxes. These crates can last for over 18 years and at the end of their shelf life they can be recycled.

Saves money

Plastic crates are recyclable and this cuts down on the cost of disposing waste products. Since they are rental crates, you do not have to buy them to use them. They also cut down on purchasing costs of plastic crates since they can be re-used over and over again. This eliminates the need to keep on buying cardboard boxes for every move. Plastic crates are the most cost effective crates since they last 15 times longer than their cardboard counterparts. Not only are they quite efficient, but are also returnable thus saving on cost.

Saves time

They rental crates are delivered right to your office. They are easily stacked on top of each other which reduces the time taken to pack up things and load them on to the moving truck. In addition, they don’t need any assembly or tape to secure them, so they save on moving time as well.  When you are done with your rental, we will pick up the plastic crates.

Conserves the environment

Since plastic crates were designed to replace wooden crates and cardboard boxes made by processing of wood, this has helped to conserve trees. Due to the reusable nature and renting the plastic crates, it helps to prevent global warming since trees are not being cut down.


Plastic crates are more durable than cardboard boxes. Also, they have a life span that is many times longer than cardboard counterparts.

Weather proof

These plastic crates are water proof and resistant to some of the elements allowing to move items that need to stay dry. Moreover, they are resistant to sun and can be stored in open areas unlike cardboard boxes.


In view of these numerous benefits of office moving crates, there is no need to gamble with your most precious and fragile office items by settling for less. Go for office moving crates and enjoy the convenience they provide. Moving shall never be a hassle again.