Professional organizers can be very beneficial to anyone looking to take control of their life.  They offer a wide variety of services, from designing a functional closet to organizing a move. For homeowners in Chicago, a professional organizer might plan and reorganize the space of a room, or improve paperwork management.

As one of thier main jobs, they will help clients reduce an abundance of clutter and accumulated paper at home.  Professional organizers aim to help individuals take control of their surroundings, time, paper, and implement systems for their life.

One system that some professional organizers in Chicago use is the “SPACE” technique, which is an acronym for, Sort, Purge, Assign a Home, Containerize and Equalize.  This principal is applicable to every type of organization and Redi-Box Moving Boxes can be very handy when you need to containerize your belongings.

If you hire a professional organizer in Chicago to help organize your home or your move, we have put together a list of the best professional organizers in Chicago.

Top 5 Organizers in Chicago

  • Amber’s Organizing (773) 628-7404
    “We are Chicago’s professional organizing experts, specializing in home organizing, office organizing and unpacking services. You can expect energy, efficiency and same-day results! Our organizing services are custom, specific, and meant to help you stay organized long term. Equipping you to maintain organization is one of our main goals.”
  • Mission 2 Organize (773) 802-9699
    “Your tasks are tackled by a team of TWO for TWICE the results. We come in and get right to work. It is our goal to utilize the resources you already have in your home, but in a more useful way. Our team will help you decide what should stay and what should go. We will even take your donations or find someone who can. You WILL see visable improvements after our visit!”
  • The Chicago Organizer (773) 401-9572
    “We can help you organize the spaces in every room in your home. This might be creative storage solutions; more efficient layout of your kitchen cabinets and pantry; creating functional closets, dressers, linen storage, home office, bathrooms, basements, craft areas, playrooms, etc.We’ll suggest and even shop on your behalf for the right organizing products so you can better enjoy your space.”
  • Arranged by Erin (773) 490-3760
    “At Arranged By Erin we are determined to bring the benefits of leading a clutter free life to everyone. We focus on teaching our clients not just how to organize, but how to STAY ORGANIZED.  We don’t offer any “cookie cutter” solutions. Since Arranged By Erin puts our clients needs first, those needs drive the structure of every solution we put into place, so our programs are as unique as our clients themselves. Arranged by Erin has extensive experience working with ADD/ADHD, severe hoarding, and the chronically disorganized.”
  • Less is More Professional Organizing Services (773) 960-2484
    “Less is More is a Chicago and Miami home organizing service driven by a passion for order and beauty. We offer simple, insightful solutions to complex organizing problems. We understand how to maximize space and have a keen eye for good design. Our systems create balance and clarity.  Less clutter means more space. Less time searching allows more to be accomplished. Less mess enables you to enjoy more of what you love. Less is more.”