We know you have many options when it comes to your move…. Should I hire Movers? Can I borrow Tom’s truck or should I rent one? Should I get cardboard moving boxes from Uhaul or should I rent moving boxes from Redi-Box?  Don’t worry because we are going to answer that last question for you!


Cardboard Moving Boxes

Cardboard moving boxes vs plastic moving boxes

Pros of Cardboard Moving Boxes


You can usually find cardboard boxes at work or other local businesses.  However, these boxes are usually oddly shaped and are not optimal for carrying and moving.

Cons of Cardboard Moving Boxes

Weather Resistance

Lets just hope you have a sunny moving day when you are using cardboard.  Any bit of rain or wet ground will weaken the paper fibers very quickly.  Not only can your items get wet, but they can get damaged when you have a soft mushy cardboard box.


Yuck!  If you are getting cardboard boxes from your work or other businesses, they are going to be all different colors with different branding and wear and tear on them.  Even the expensive boxes made for moving are still brown and ugly.


Be careful when stacking cardboard boxes.  They usually do not hold much weight and especially weak if not built and packed properly.


Cardboard take a lot of time to build and tape each box.  Then after they are built, they are all different shapes and sizes which don’t stack nicely.  It is like playing tetris with your valuables during a stressful moving day.  Don’t forget you will have to break down and dispose the cardboard moving boxes when you are done.



Plastic Moving Boxes

Plastic Moving Box vs Cardboard Moving Box

Pros of Plastic Moving Boxes


We deliver the plastic moving boxes to your door 6 days a week from 8AM-8PM.  You can simply schedule a time that works for you for delivery.  It does not get more available than that.

Weather Resistance

The weather does not matter on moving day.  The boxes are made of plastic which will prevent any rain from getting inside the plastic moving boxes.


Every box is clean, same size, shape and color.  We think the moving boxes are good looking, but we may be biased. 🙂


The plastic moving boxes are extremely strong with very strong lids.  They can hold well over 100lbs which inside them and the lid can support 100lbs of plastic boxes stacked on top of them.


This is one of the biggest benefits.  You will save so much time since we deliver the plastic moving boxes to you.  They boxes come assembled.  No need to tape them up.  As you get going you will realize the modular system is very quick and efficient.  Just pack and stack the boxes. We also pickup the boxes when you are done, which means no need to break the boxes down and dispose.


The plastic moving boxes can be used up to 400 times.  Why Recycle cardboard when you can reuse our plastic moving boxes.

Save Money

Since you will have all the plastic moving boxes packed, stacked and ready to go, the movers can move our modular system very fast.  That will save them a lot of labor time and ultimately save you money.


Cons of Plastic Moving Boxes


Telling your friends that they made a huge mistake when they moved with cardboard moving boxes.