Are you in Chicago and looking to relocate your home or office? If yes, then the first set and most important moving supplies you must get is moving boxes. Often people in Chicago struggle to find moving boxes for a reasonable price because they are not aware of where they can get moving boxes locally. Below, you will find the list of places offering cheap moving boxes in Chicago.

Cheap Moving Boxes in Chicago

1. Craigslist: It is one of the most popular source when people are looking for cheap moving boxes. If you are lucky, you can even get some boxes for free through this platform. There are two ways of finding moving boxes through Craigslist. You can look for ads posted by people looking to give away boxes for free or sell them for cheap.  The best time to look for good deals on boxes is around the weekends or Mondays.  The other way of getting hold of cheap moving boxes through Craigslist is by posting ads in the site’s wanted section.

Use Craigslist’s search box to find cheap moving boxes. Once you get connected to the sellers, you will have the option of negotiating with them. If you want, you can swap items you already own, but don’t want any longer for getting boxes at an even lower price.

The problem with craigslist is that it is time consuming to find boxes, and the boxes you do find are already going to be used and damaged from the previous move.

2. Freecycle: The Freecycle Network, as its name suggests is an online platform you can use for getting free items or giving away your belongings for free. The website is not only a great place for getting useful stuff without paying anything but is also a community around reuse instead of throwing things in landfills.

First, go to Freecycle and enter Chicago,Illinois into the location.  This will redirect you to a list of Freecycle groups. The list would include both groups in your town and in its surrounding regions. For finding free boxes on Freecycle, you will have to join one of those groups. Just click on the name of the group you want to join and look for boxes.

The problems with Freecycle are similar to craigslist.   It is time consuming to find boxes, and the boxes you do find are already going to be used and damaged from the previous move.

3. Liquor store dumpster: This is another way of getting hold of some free moving boxes. Just dive into a liquor-store dumpster and pick as many moving boxes as you want!

Since the boxes are made to carry liquor, the boxes are usually durable and sturdy boxes. However, there is a hitch too. The boxes carrying bottles of booze tend to be slightly smaller in size; so, you cannot expect them to be suitable for packing all kinds of objects.  Not to mention that it is gross diving into a dumpster to find boxes.

4. U-Haul: You can get moving boxes from your nearest U-Haul.  U-Haul has a variety of box sizes to choose from.  However, since they are made of cardboard, they are still not the strongest of boxes.  U-Haul is also on the expensive side of the cardboard box options.  Make sure to keep your receipt because you can return any items that you do not use and get a refund.

5. Rent Moving Boxes – Redi-Box: While it is true that each of the above options can supply the boxes for your next move, none of them can measure up to a plastic moving box. You can use these options for getting hold of free or cheap moving boxes in Chicago, but it would be difficult for you to ensure that every thing inside the boxes are going to be safe. This makes Redi-Box the best place for moving boxes that are cheap, high quality, durable and easy in Chicago.

Redi-Box is the most popular moving box rental company in Chicago. Redi-Box will deliver all the boxes to your place, and once you have successfully moved, Redi-Box will pickup the boxes from your new location.

The rental moving boxes are very sturdy and easy to carry. They come equipped with strong, built-in handles, which make handling them easy. All boxes offered by Redi-Box are modular, stackable, and nest inside each other when empty. These features allow you to save a lot of space during the move. Our boxes are 12.5 inches tall, 17 inches wide and 27 inches long.

For making the move even easier, Redi-Box offers four-wheel dollies. These dollies have been custom-designed for fitting the plastic moving boxes. Each of these dollies possesses a capacity of 500 lbs. You will be able to stack up as many as four fully-loaded moving boxes on it at one time.  Makes packing a moving a breeze.

There are many places to get your boxes, but after reading this list, there is no question that Redi-Box is the easiest, most convenient and best solution when it comes to moving boxes.