Although our green moving boxes are red in color, they are very GREEN when it comes to the environmental footprint. Since we all want a better environment for us and our future generations in Chicago, it is everyone’s responsibility to take action on making this planet clean and healthy.  Not only are our moving boxes green, they are convenient, more durable and economical.

When trying to make a positive impact on Chicago’s environmental footprint, it is important to have good eco-friendly habits.  The most adopted and catchy approach is using the 3 R’s.

Eco-Friendly Green Moving Boxes

Eco-Friendly Green Moving Boxes

The 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

  1. Reduce – The first step is to reduce consumption of anything material that results in waste or pollution. The less physical products on this planet, the less impact on our environment whether that be, pollution, waste, toxic byproducts, etc.
  2. Reuse – The second option of the the 3 R’s is Reuse. Instead of using a single use throw-away item like cardboard moving boxes, try to use reusable products like Redi-Box green moving boxes.  Our green boxes get used over and over again up to 400 uses with one box!  Now try that with cardboard J
  3. Recycle – The 3rd and final option if you can’t reduce or reuse, you should try to recycle. Recycling will turn whatever material you have into another product.  Recycling is much better than throwing something in the trash that will sit in the landfill for many years. You can recycle many different materials, some being plastic, paper, glass, aluminum etc. The great thing about using our Redi-Box green moving boxes is that they are reusable and they also get recycled after about 400 uses.

Eco-Friendly Green Moving Boxes

Each Redi-Box green plastic moving box will be re-used hundreds of times before being recycled. They are made of easy to recycle plastic, that is strong, sturdy and all around the best choice when it comes to using a green moving box.

Cardboard Moving Boxes

However, Cardboard moving boxes are used on average less than two times before being recycled or disposed of. The EPA also agrees with the 3 R’s and states that re-use is much better than recycling because recycling takes a lot more energy and is not 100% efficient. Therefore, using Redi-Box green moving boxes greatly reduces your environmental footprint in Chicago.


We think the choice is easy by going with Redi-Box and using our green moving boxes.

Still In Operation

We are continuing all operations with the safety of all customers in mind.  Redi-Box is considered an essiential business and will continue to operate.

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