Moving? How to Hire a Chicago Mover

So you’ve just landed your dream job to another place and you are required to move in Chicago; what do you do? If your answer is hire a Chicago mover then you are 100% right. The moving process can take a toll on you and finding the right Chicago mover is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. To avoid having the worst moving experience, here are a few pointers for hiring the right Chicago moving company.

Chicago Mover

Find a quality moving company

Google reviews and Yelp reviews for instance are a great place to find a Chicago mover. Once you identify a potential company, look at their Google reviews and Yelp reviews and see what others are saying about them. Was their experience good or bad? Also, look and see if anyone has written any tips or suggestions for working with the movers. Google and Yelp reviews usually give a good understanding of what the company is like and if they are a reliable mover.

On-site moving quote

An easy way of identifying a lower tier company when hiring a Chicago mover is if they offer quotes over the phone or via email. It just doesn’t make sense for a mover to give you a quote off-site when they haven’t even seen the amount of items and the required work it will take to move the items. Only after seeing the items that need moving will they be able to give an accurate quote.

Licensed and insured in Chicago

How else would you know if a moving company is authorized to carry out moving tasks if not by asking them for their license? What if something happens to your goods during the moving process only to find that they aren’t licensed to operate? Everyone deserves a smooth moving process and confirming the license will put your mind at ease.

Storage options

Sometimes you may be on the verge of moving but your new place isn’t ready yet. At that point you will need the best storage option to store your belongings until the place is ready for occupancy. Additionally, instead of having to look for storage options elsewhere, why not look for a Chicago moving company that provides storage services.  This way you can be more relaxed and ready for the big day.

On demand moving labor services

If you are just looking for labor, you will need demand moving labor services from companies like Dolly, elite moving labor. On demand moving services are very efficient and takes 2 hours at most. After you request their service, they will come to your place, move the items into a truck, van or SUV.

Prepare for movers to arrive

After all the above have been said and done, your final step is to prepare for the movers to come in and start the moving process. How do you do that?

  1. For starters, dejunk your home by selling or donating stuff you no longer need or use. This saves a lot of packing time and reduces cost used on shipping.
  2. Avoid embarrassments by cleaning and dusting all your items on time.
  3. Also have a list of all your items for proof should anything get lost. Do not forget to insure all your valuables.
  4. Label everything including your Redi-Boxes for easy identification. Set aside items that you don’t want loaded into the moving truck like your personal documents, jewelry, small electronics like cameras.