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Yes, you are hearing correctly. Granted I only have a one bedroom apartment, but as we know, I have an awful lot of shtuff. I was 90% unpacked and settled in at my new ladyplace in less than 48 hours (more like 24 hours) after my movers arrived on Sunday evening.

And I did it thanks in large part to one hyphenated word: Redi-box. Thirty of these red plastic boxes were dropped in my living room on the requested day and I threw any and all of my non-furniture item into one. (Note: pups did not travel in boxes.) Moving all of the knick knacks–like kitchenware, decorative items, even some clothes, and the entire contents of my bar–became super easy…

All ready to go! Here’s the last photo I took before leaving Belle. C’est la vie big ole’ apartment.

After I arrived at my new home, I quickly started unpacking items and placing them into kitchen cabinets, closets, and my bookshelves. Once a box was unpacked, it went on the stack against the
wall and out of the way. The move happened late on Sunday between 6pm and 9pm.
Here are a few photos from the next morning…

By Monday morning the friendly Redi-box rep came to get the boxes and voila! Ta-da!

Redi-box is specifically for the Chicago area, but most major cities have similar companies! I definitely suggest looking into it for your next move.