Moving soon? We have all been there. For many people, making a move from one place to another gives them a chance for a new beginning. It is a very exciting time. For others, well, it may not be all that exciting especially if it is unwanted or forced on them. Either way, the items in your house have to be packed properly before the moving takes place. Generally, people use cardboard moving boxes in which they place their belongings in to stay organized. However, we are going to tell you why you shouldn’t use cardboard boxes during your next move. Here are the main reasons why:

Why You Shouldn't Use Cardboard Boxes

Time Consuming

When moving, time is of the essence. You only have limited amount of time to pack, move, unpack and get on to other things. Using cardboard moving boxes will have you at a disadvantage because the amount of time that it takes to assemble the cardboard boxes and then to break them down again really adds up. Even after the cardboard boxes are broken down, you have to take time out to find somewhere to properly dispose them.


A lot of heavy items get moved during the moving process. When moving heavy items, you want a box strong enough to hold them. No one wants to keep picking up things that fall from the broken cardboard boxes held up with tape. Also weak cardboard boxes can cause havoc on glassware, dishwater or anything else you may have that is fragile since the boxes are soft and do not always hold their shape. They crumble, fold and tear way too easily. Not only are they weak, cardboard soaks up moisture which makes them even weaker.

Don’t Stack Well

The number of boxes stacked during moving is very important because it has a direct effect on the amount of space you can utilize. Most likely your moving truck will have limited space and you will need to maximize the space by stacking boxes. Cardboard boxes simple are not strong enough to stack in higher quantities. This, coupled with the heavy items that are in them, makes it very difficult to stack them together without the whole stack eventually crumbling on itself or falling over due to the different sized boxes.

Bad for Environment

Due to their tendency to tear and crumble, cardboard moving boxes are often used only for one move and then disposed of after the move. This means that the resources are used to create single use cardboard moving box simple goes in the landfill after one use. In an age where taking care of our environment is very important, there is no reason to move with single use cardboard boxes.

Plastic Moving Boxes StackedSolution

The good news is, there is a better solution, reusable plastic moving boxes. Plastic boxes do not require you to assemble or tape them. They come prebuilt and are ready to go. This saves a lot of valuable time.  Your items will be safe since they are very strong so they do not crumble or tear and do not soak up moisture at all unlike cardboard.  Plastic moving boxes are efficient because they are much stronger and rigid enough to be easily stacked on top of each other. This makes movement easy and saves valuable time.  Don’t forget since they are durable, they can be reused up to 400 times! This makes them incredibly environmentally friendly.