Top 5 Professional Organizers in Chicago

Professional organizers can be very beneficial to anyone looking to take control of their life.  They offer a wide variety of services, from designing a functional closet to organizing a move. For homeowners in Chicago, a professional organizer might plan and reorganize the space of a room, or improve paperwork management.

As one of thier main jobs, they will help clients reduce an abundance of clutter and accumulated paper at home.  Professional organizers aim to help individuals take control of their surroundings, time, paper, and implement systems for their life.

One system that some professional organizers in Chicago use is the “SPACE” technique, which is an acronym for, Sort, Purge, Assign a Home, Containerize and Equalize.  This principal is applicable to every type of organization and Redi-Box Moving Boxes can be very handy when you need to containerize your belongings.

If you hire a professional organizer in Chicago to help organize your home or your move, we have put together a list of the best professional organizers in Chicago.

Top 5 Organizers in Chicago


Top 5 Damage Restoration Companies in Chicago

We all know the homes and apartments we live in require annual maintenance and upkeep.  Some maintenance items can be planned for and scheduled, while other items can be emergency and disaster related.  We hope you never have an emergency but if you do, there are companies that can help.  They are called Damage Restoration companies and can help with you a wide range of problems.  If you are handy, you may be able to tackle the job yourself, If not you will need to find a good local damage restoration company.


What can a damage restoration companies fix?


Water Damage, Flood Damage, Mold, Fire Damage, Storm Damage, Cleaning Services, 24/7 Emergency Restoration, Smoke Damage, Biohazard Waste, Disposal, and other restoration service.

Example of fire and smoke damage (before and after)

Best Damage Restoration Chicago

We know you don’t want to be in a situation where you need them but if you do need them, we put together a list for you.  If you find yourself in a situation that you need to call a damage restoration company, we recommend using our plastic moving boxes to secure any personal items that have not been ruined.  See below for some of the best damage restoration companies in chicago for you to hire.


Top 5 Damage Restoration Companies in Chicago


How I Moved, Unpacked, and Settled in 48 Hours

Redi-Box featured on

Yes, you are hearing correctly. Granted I only have a one bedroom apartment, but as we know, I have an awful lot of shtuff. I was 90% unpacked and settled in at my new ladyplace in less than 48 hours (more like 24 hours) after my movers arrived on Sunday evening.

And I did it thanks in large part to one hyphenated word: Redi-box. Thirty of these red plastic boxes were dropped in my living room on the requested day and I threw any and all of my non-furniture item into one. (Note: pups did not travel in boxes.) Moving all of the knick knacks–like kitchenware, decorative items, even some clothes, and the entire contents of my bar–became super easy…